Internet For All

According to Mashable article, “Zuckerberg Wants to Bring the Whole Planet Internet Access,” Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg hopes to one day allow the entire globe to fully utilize the “world wide web.” It states that only 2.7 billion people currently have access to internet and can actually afford it.


In order to make this a reality, Zuckerberg and affiliates such as Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung, created This organization is the start and foundation for a future where hopefully internet will be available to the other two-thirds of the world which cannot access it. On the website, a United Nations Human Rights Council report quotes, “The internet boosts economic, social and political development, and contributes to the progress of humankind as a whole.”

One way of reaching people in the less developed countries, is smart phones which are efficient for running less expensive internet services. According to an article in The New York Times, the organizations behind plan to radically change smartphones and the networks which provide internet to them, so that “they transmit more data while using less battery power.”

Even though this is a fantastic idea to better the world entirely, as well as connect the world globally online, needs the support of other businesses to back it up. “No one company can really do this by itself,” Zuckerberg quotes in The New York Times article. Supporting company Qualcomm is working on a chip for smartphones which will “stretch a phone’s battery life, slice the amount of data needed to transmit a video and extend the reach of mobile networks through tiny devices similar to Wi-Fi It is essential for other businesses to join this movement and even betters the economy as a whole. For instance, Google and Microsoft have their own movements similar to this one, and as gains affiliates, business profits will rise for the companies who can now expand to less developed countries they never dreamed


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Tyler High Intern 


Media Buying Media

Yahoo bought Tumblr, Facebook bought Instagram and most recently 21st Century Fox invested in Vice Media.

21st_century_fox_logo_new        images-1

Friday, 21st Century Fox (News Corp. has spilt into an entertainment company and a publishing company) invested $70 million to control 5% of  youth centered Vice Media.

Vice is a magazine turned Media mogul catering to a young audience with a mix of news and pop culture. Vulgar, comic, and sarcastic tones are used to in much of Vice’s content which mostly relates to music, fashion, and pop culture; but hard hitting journalism is there as well. With their HBO series which was just renewed for a second season they explore anything international they find interesting from political assassinations to child suicide bombers.

What is first seen as an unusual buy form Murdoch (CEO of 21st Century Fox) due to content may not be so.  David Lieberman from Deadline says “But it gives 21st Century Fox a foothold in a trendy digital media, TV, and publishing company that has captured the imaginations and financial support of former MTV chief Tom Freston, WME’s Ari Emanuel, WPP, and The Raine Group as well as comedian Bill Maher.”

While it’s thought that Fox in dipping into Vice to stay relevant with the younger, pop culture driven market; Vice is also planning to lean on Fox to reach into a wider international market for both their televised, digital, and print media.

AdAge’s Simon Dumeco goes as far as saying “This may end up being the most conservative media deal of the year, folks.”

If Vice’s $125 million made in revenues last year are any indication, I think Fox’s investment will be a positive move for the recently split entertainment company. We’ll have to keep an eye out to see if they try to increase their stake.