Wednesday Round Up

We hope everyone has had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend that was both relaxing and refreshing.  Sorry we’ve been MIA for the past couple of days. (We take Labor Day very seriously)

Even with that being said we still found some pretty cool things over the long weekend so here is your

Wednesday Round Up 

September 4 

For the past few months many people have been up in arms about the NSA and their views on privacy. Big Data decided to show us something about Internet Privacy in another light.  Big Data’s Alan Wiklis said “Facehawk is provocative, compelling and almost forces you to have an opinion about your personal information being so readily available online,”

One of our own took the plunge to watch years of her Facebook activity come together with music. Despite being slightly glitchy in the beginning watching years of Facebook photos come together is a little overwhelming. Our guinea pig’s (who shall remain nameless) only response, other than a look of terror, was “Why do I wear so many costumes… and why do I let people photograph it.”

Read More or make your own Facehawk


Universal Everything is making installations you’ll have to see to believe. Don’t just take our word for it.

For even more videos or if you want to commission your own piece check them out online


With a new movie out and a really just mean-spirited shout out from Taylor Swift at the VMAs One Direction is continuing to win over the hearts of teen girls everywhere.

The newest way they are making those little hearts throb is with perfume.

We had to take a moment after watching the spot for ‘Our Moment’. We know we aren’t the target, but the ruling is out until we get some more opinions so let us know what you think. (If you want to pretend to be a teenage girl… all the better)

To check out more info about how this ad came together and reached 2 million views in only 72 hours take a look at this article.


Here at The Bingham Group we love a great story and even more than that we love a great story-teller. When we stumbled upon Welcome To Night Vale we swooned like teen girls for One Direction.

Available as a twice monthly podcast Night Vale sets the scene of a science fiction world, but not as a normal story would. Set up as a News program you get information about your new world the same way as your current one.

Make your morning commute a little weird, or change-up those tasks you no longer need to think about to do,

Form more information about this sci-fi world check out their website

Hear from the creators in this piece from NPR


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