Wednesday Round Up

August 28, 2013

Today is the 50th anniversary of the “March on Washington” 

Tonight at 8 P.M. NBC will be broadcasting Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” in its entirety and uninterrupted.

If you think you’ve heard the whole speech, chances are you haven’t. A lot of the speech footage is restricted government video. Please join NBC at 8 tonight for this historic moment.


Several words have been added to the online Oxford English Dictionary. 

Anyone who watched the VMA’s over the weekend was exposed to twerking, whether they wanted to be or not. If you still unsure of what it means just look it up! Twerking was one of the many words added to the online Dictionary.

Many Internet based words made the list including:

  • derp
  • emoji
  • selfie

You are also now justified to use words like jorts and food baby.

Check out the full list!


Art Everywhere

For the next 2 weeks England is having “a very very big art show”.

$4.7 Million in Ad space has been replaced with art ranging from 16th century to modern.

Billboards, bus shelters, tube stations, office buildings, and shopping centers will spend the next two weeks as the walls of the world’s biggest art exhibit. Check out more and even more


Apps for road trippin’

One great thing about living in Knoxville is the amount of restaurants in our area. However, not all cities are this lucky. If you’re a fan of road trips like I am, you’ve struggled to find good food to eat while you’re on the go.

Fast Company decided to do something about this delicious food dilemma and created a list of the 10 best Apps, sites, and guides for sustainable travel.

Making the top of the list SHFT has debuted a new App called Food Trippin’

For more inspiration check out the rest of the list





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