Wednesday Round Up

We know it’s hard to get through that hump day at work…. especially with this guy:

We’ve scoured the internet so instead of reaching 2nd or 8th cup of coffee join the Bingham Group every wednesday to see what we love so far from this week (and probably last).

Nothing is off limits in the wednesday round-up: Gadgets, songs, Youtube videos- the only rule is that it has to be cool.

If you think we’ve missed something let us know through: comment, smoke signal, Facebook, carrier pigeon, bullhorn, tweet, telekinetic energy! (We love learning about new things)

August 14th Round Up:

Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 1.41.09 PM

Haagen-Dazs created an app to give you something to do while your ice cream gets to that perfect soft texture.  Instead of waiting in frustration for your delicious treat you will be serenaded with the relaxing sounds of a violin. Learn more about it and see how this awesome app was made with Mashable.



Our movie pick of this week is Warm Bodies. (Yes we know it has been out for a second)


A sarcastic twist on the currently outrageously popular zombie motif warmed this office’s heart. If you haven’t seen it you can rent it on YouTube 



Child stars from Beasts of the Southern Wild get a little bit wild at the MTV awards after party with this adorable dance off.

(If you haven’t already this is another great movie to check out)

Be warned it tugs at the heartstrings.


HTC has landed Robert Downey Jr. in their new YouTube campaign:


His two year contract is rumored to be for a hefty sum and we for one are waiting to see if Iron Man can create the sales HTC needs. Learn More.



We’re always looking for local gems and this website is a go to for information about Knoxville. We love our city and love to see it reach through East Tennessee with this site. From Arts and Culture to Better Living and Recreation you can see every thing going on in and around town at KnoxZine.






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