We are excited to announce some new hires in the office

 Bob Longmire — The New Senior Creative Director.



Longmire brings 30 years of experience producing creative work for other regional and national clients as Senior Creative Director, Art Director and Media Design Specialist. His strong creative direction has helped towin Gold Promax, Gold Addys, AIGA, and Tennessee Press Awards.

Longmire’s talent has been used by Mayfield Dairy, Rubbermaid, Sharpie, SeaRay, Home Federal, Rand McNally, Hasboro, Swingline, Moen, Johnson & Johnson, RJ Reynolds, Xerox and Esquire Magazine. Longmire’s work with these companies was made possible through his previous experiences with DiY Network, Bagwell Entertainment, Rivr Media, Hopps Communication, WBIR TV, TVA, Tombras Group, Whittle Communications, The University of Tennessee, and Asen Marketing.


 Christopher West– The New Creative Director of Broadcast.



West brings over 15 years of professional experience working in film/TV, online rich-media and education to The Bingham Group. West has worked on media projects ranging from entertainment marketing, government videos, multi-million dollar real estate promotions, industrial training, and local, regional, and national television commercials. West is also experienced in graphic design, computer animation, digital video, editing and 3D modeling and animation.

These skills along with his own creativity led to the creation of “The Danger Rangers”, a group of cartoon characters that teach children about safety and smart behavior. The show went on to become an Emmy nominated series and is currently airing on PBS Saturday mornings.


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