The Shazam Engagement Rate

If you have watched TV in the past couple of months you have probably seen this icon


floating around your favorite shows and the ads that interrupt them.

If you haven’t check out how Shazam can connect you to the latest show content, game scores, brand coupons, and how to videos.

This is Shazam, and if you don’t know about it, hop on board because it use to be one of my favorite music discover apps, but now is so much more.


By allowing viewers to ‘Shazam’ into content, the company has created a whole new way for viewers to interact with content and advertisements. Not just stopping with face value interaction, Shazam has created the Shazam Engagement Rate, which along with Nielsen Ratings provides insights into interactive viewership.


The interesting thing Shazam brings to the table, is that it allows companies to see which ads engage people to ask more. This app allows you to see the difference between when your ad is just being viewed and when the viewer is interested in getting more information about your product.


The full press release can be found  here.



Images from: and shazam’s Facebook page


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